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The most expensive skins I own!

Bayonet | Doppler (Ruby)
AWP | Prince
AK-47 | Gold Arabesque
Karambit | Fade
Sport Gloves | Hedge Maze

How to buy CS:GO Skins?

1. Select Your Favorite CS:GO Skins

I have plenty of CS:GO skins,
you will surely find a skin that tickles your fancy.

2. Contact me via social media

When you are done choosing desired skin,
just contact me on my socials, mainly on Facebook,
I will respond as fast as possible.

3. Send your payment

We have a deal on the price of the skin?
Just send the money to the bank account, that I will send you.
You will receive tradeoffer, once the payment arrives.

4. Flex your skin infront of your friends

When you receive the tradeoffer, just accept and enjoy!

Select Your Favorite CS:GO Skins

Contact me via social media

Send your payment

Flex your skin infront of your friends


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by Ado

+rep I bought knife and everything was good and fast


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by snecinooo

Fast and good sale. Thank you


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by Krysik01

+rep nice support and communicate


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Frequently Asked Questions

Yeah, I have done a lot of cash trades, if you want any proof, look at my Facebook page reviews!

Right now I am 19 years old! 25th of February is my birthday.

I am into skins for like 3 years, but I am actively trading for almost a 3 years now!

My Most expensive item was Karambit | Doppler (Sapphire)

I have the best prices ever on this scene.

I don't, I am crazy about CS:GO skins, not other games.

I've already graduated and I'm currently doing skins full time.

It depends. Sometimes it can be few minutes, sometimes few hours.

No, my prices are at the lowest possible.

Yes, just text me, and I will get the skins for you, up to 8 days in your inventory.